We Know That For Many, To Get Supercharged Advertising Quickly, Easily & Free Can Sometimes Require Many Hours & A Super Human Effort!

But Never Fear -- Because MySuperSafelist Has Come To The Rescue!

If you're looking for responsive, quick and easy advertising that gets results -- FREE -- then you've found great value here. We aim to give you more value than ever before. See unique advertisements daily, and earn credits or win advertising prizes for each ad viewed that you can, in return, exchange to advertise your own business opportunities. Choose from a range of advertising such as Super Ads, Banner Ads, Solo Ads and Login Ads. You can also email your referrals on a regular basis, and choose to send out a My Super Solo ad or a SuperSolosAndCash Super solo ad!

As you'll see from the table below, it's super easy to generate more credits, quicker than ever before, and when you can consider that our Super Ads only show unique views, it's really worth your while! We've also ensured that the returns for affiliate promotions are generous enough to create a solid extra income for you.

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IMPORTANT! This is NOT an MLM, Matrix, Pyramid, Ponzi scheme or Get-Rich-Quick program. You are not required to have a website, sell any products or refer anyone to our site to use this service, nor will you get rich by using this service. It is primarily an internet advertising site that doesn't allow promotion of the aforementioned program types or account deletion will occur.

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Here's what our membership levels include:

Type of Benefits Free Super Human Super Hero
Credits on signup 2000 4000 5000
Credits for every free referral that joins through your link 75 150 300
No. of solo ads that can be saved 5 10 20
No. of Super Ads that can be created 10 20 40
No. of credits for clicking a solo ad link 100 200 400
No. of credits for clicking a banner 50 100 200
Earnings for referral's Super Human upgrade $5/mth $10/mth $12/mth
Earnings for free each member that upgrades to Super Hero $7.50/mth $15/mth $18/mth
Earning for each Super Human member that upgrades to Super Hero $10 $20 $24
Interval to send an email to your referrals 7 days 5 days 2 days
Login bonus credits 20 30 40
Ad Reading Bonus for reading 20 ads in one day 200 300 400
Ad Reading Bonus for reading 40 ads in one day 400 600 800
Ad Reading Bonus for reading 60 ads in one day 600 1200 2400

Cost per month:

FREE $20/mth $30/mth

Does this sound just like what you've been looking for? Good, because it's entirely free, and we want to stand out from the crowd! We even offer free solo ads every day to active members that click the credit link in solo ads! Become a Super Hero yourself today... Signup now by scrolling back to the top, and filling out your first ad for display on our site!

I value all our customers, and wish you all the very best in your promotions!

Eva Browne-Paterson

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