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The "Little Earth" Stuffed Toy Keeps Showing Up In NASA Astronauts' Photos

There's a new crew member aboard the International Space Station, but it isn't a human, or even an animal.
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Astronauts aboard have, according to reports, adopted a "Little Earth" stuffed toy sent to the space station with a shipment of other cargo. The stuffed toy has also been nicknamed "Earthie."


There are three Expedition 58 crew members currently living on the space station, according to the website ScienceAlert. Those would be: NASA astronaut Anne McClain, Canadian astronaut David Saint-Jacques, and Russian cosmonaut Oleg Kononenko.

On Friday, NASA astronaut Bob Behnken told NASA TV viewers that the current crew had "trained" Earthie on space station protocol, according to ScienceAlert. "He's going to welcome us aboard, probably, when we get there," Behnken said. He added, "I think Anne and David and Oleg have trained him up well. Hopefully he can walk us through the emergency brief and he's a full-fledged station crew member by the time that we get there."

Elon Musk, who founded the aerospace company SpaceX, which sent the shipment with Earthie aboard, described the plush toy as being like "an Earth Pokemon," according to CNET. McClain has since shared a series of photos with Earthie to her Twitter account, depicting the toy's life in space.

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